Do you need specialist defamation solicitors?

Contact Law has a network of expert defamation solicitors located throughout Ireland. Our specialists can advise you on any defamation matter, including slander and libel.

For the full range of reputation management services we have many solicitors with experience protecting the image and privacy of sportspersons and media personalities. We also have defamation solicitors experienced in protecting commercial interests of businesses, large and small. We also have solicitors experienced in advising publishers, journalists and other media professionals.

If your defamation issue concerns online defamation, we have many defamation solicitors specialising in digital media defamation, such as statements published on online blogs and message boards.

For the right case, we can put you in touch with defamation solicitors who offer their services on a conditional fee basis ('no foal no fee').

By using Contact Law you save yourself time searching for the right defamation solicitor and know that you are using a solicitor with the knowledge and experience you need to win your case.

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There is no charge to you for using the Contact Law service. Our telephone advisors have excellent knowledge of the legal process and can recommend the best course of action and ensure you talk quickly to the right solicitor for your needs.

Top quality solicitors

By using our service we will get a specialist solicitor to call you meaning you get the expert advice you need quickly and easily. Our solicitors can assist you with legal issues in any area of law in any part of the country. All Contact Law firms also have a service level guarantee and many have Law Society of Ireland accreditations in their area of expertise.

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What our clients say about us
"I managed to get a local specialist solicitor, and they called me back immediately. I was really impressed." Kaitriona Clancy, Civil litigation, Leitrim, June 12
"Contact Law’s solicitors sorted out my employment issue effectively and I would definitely recommend them." PH, Limerick, Dec 09
"I was delighted with the service I received from Contact Law. You were a fast and efficient team getting me in touch with a solicitor." Marian Sheehen, Limerick, Jan 12
"The staff at Contact Law were professional and helpful, and understood my situation straight away."
SB, Dundalk, Feb 08
"I just want to say that I am very pleased with the solicitor I was put in touch with. I would have no hesitation in using your service again if I had to." Helen Smyth, making a will, Dublin, Aug 12

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